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Sean Krueger is a Hospitality & Dotcom entrepreneur that uses passion and results driven experience to Grow People & Build Successful Companies.

Sean has Over 30 Years of Successful results in hotel Operations. Krueger Hospitality Offers three DISINCENTIVE Platforms for our Hotels.

Krueger Hospitality


As Founder/CEO  of  Krueger Hospitality, Sean Krueger  oversees a unique Hotel Management Company that is operated by the top industry leaders to offer Houston, Texas hotel owners a truly profitable service.

Hotel Data


Hotel Data is the Hospitality Management Software used at each Krueger Hospitality managed hotel. Sean Krueger is co-creator of Hotel Data.  Value of Hotel Data is a suite of operating features that reduces admin time at both property level and corporate office.

GDS Rates


Founded by Sean Krueger,  GDS Rates combines our software technology with hands on hotel site selection by our dedicated staff. GDS for proposals with our patent pending automation also reduces the wait time for hotels (our suppliers) to receive request “one click” acceptance process. 

Sean Krueger's BIO


Hospitality Background:

 Sean Krueger is an experienced change leader dedicated to winning strategies through team leadership and personal commitment that started his career at the young age of 15. At that time, he was a bellhop at a full service Holiday Inn Hotel in Pensacola FL. Impressed by his strong work ethic and commitment to hotel guests, Sean’s superiors quickly promoted him through the ranks until he became Executive Vice President of Operations reporting directly to the CEO of a publicly traded Hotel Corporation.

Sean has a solid understanding of the business from being a General Manager, District Manager, Regional Director, Executive Vice President, President/Principal, and COO of Hotel Corporations throughout the years. Backed by experience and a recipe of success, Sean started his own Hotel Management Company called Krueger Hospitality.  Currently he is working on his own brand called KRUEGER since 2012.

Some of Sean’s other skills and expertise include forecasting, sales, budgeting, strategic planning, negotiation, and team building. He is known for his amicable personality and ability to close deals successfully. 

Dotcom Background:

While working in the Hospitality Industry, Sean Krueger also created several dotcoms. Here is a   Quora Interview about Krueger's Dotcom & Hotel Brand startups.

Listed below are a few of Sean's creations:

Key Hotel Deals 2002 - 2004

The first dotcom was Key Hotel  Key Hotel Deals was an Extranet Hotel Booking Site that offered Public Hotel Rates at a 10% lower cost than Expedia (which at the time was owned by Microsoft). Launched in 2002. Data Base and algorithm was sold in 2004.

VEODA 2005 - 2008

Veoda was a Meta Search Engine that provided social site features. No other Meta Search Engine at the time and current as of 2019 has provided such features. Veoda was sold in 2008.

Veoda Press Release 

iMob (Internet Mobster) 2008 - 2011

iMob was an online Facebook Game that allows players to Fight for Cash.

Internet Mobster Press Release

Rent A Link 2013 - 2015

Rent A Link created eFliers that are one page websites based upon search terms.

Clients only paid when their micosite was listed as position 1 - 3 on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Rent A Link Press Release

Hotel Data 2015 - Current

Hotel Data is a Hospitality Software Program. Sean Krueger sold his shares to a Hotel Company in 2017. In 2018, Co-founder Steve Edwards purchased shares from Hotel Company and remains 100% ownership as of 2019.

Hotel Data Press Release

Honorable mentions:

The Classified Post 2013 - 2014

A craigslist alternative,  Sean Krueger deems this startup as a Business Failure but a Integrity Win due to main source coming from adult ads, and at same time Google announced new algorithm would block websites that displayed other content ads (such as local newspapers feeds, hotjobs, etc.) company was shut down. The team and I had to make an ethical decision if the majority of ads  would come from Adult type services. Years after our closure, CEO of Backpage who continued to display adult ads was arrested.  Washington Post Article 

Cute Stat Report regarding The Classified Post its value of website and daily revenue after removing adult ads. Total Bust but Krueger was quoted in 2014 as saying: 

"The price of Integrity will be the biggest cost in both financial and social influence. However, following your own north star allows one to sleep at night which to me is priceless."  

- Sean Krueger 5-24-2014

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“If you can dream It, you can do it” ~ Walt Disney

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